Our Remarkable Story

We are a community-based cooperative operating in the southern province of Rwanda, we are a group of local artisans working to socially improve our livelihoods through the production of home use and lifestyle baskets, our focus is the production of home living and everyday use products plus other accessories. The cooperative members are our foundation force: the different beautiful products we produce are a testimony of our raw talent and passion behind every handmade basket we produce. The Irebe Basket group works to provide meaningful vocation hand skills that empower our members by training them in the production of handicraft products which are then sold under our souvenir shop outlets found in Kigali at Lemigo Hotel and Kimihurura (close to Mamba restaurant) and these sales have enabled our group to grow in both capacity and socially as this now provides a source of income for the artisans in our cooperative.

Our Products

Our cooperatives produce a wide variety of home living usable baskets and lifestyle accessories from materials that are locally available and sustainable such as banana leaf, sisal, raffia, Sweetgrass, and Palm Tree. We offer you holiday and souvenir gifts and a variety of baskets, woven bowls, trays, home use stuff, bags and purses, jewelry, and accessories.

Our Vocational Skills Training

Irebe Baskets Rwanda empowers women and young people with sustainable handcraft-inspired life skills in a non-formal training mode. The locals are trained in art and crafts, public health & basic sales or communications techniques to meet the demands of the markets today.

Our Vision

Irebe Baskets Rwanda is leading community development in our area and continues being at the forefront of improving the lives of our members and their dependents by providing workshops and training to help our members learn life survival skills.

Our Mission Statement

To foster, develop and promote our handmade craft products while ensuring we use ecofriendly materials that can guarantee both sustainable markets and care for the environment.