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Rwandan Women Weaving together to create sustainable lives Craft-making remains a popular activity in many communities in Rwanda as another means of making financial contributions to fighting poverty among our households, we work with a number of community artisans by providing opportunities for them to earn fairly and sustainably, we support rural artisans by enabling them to access a platform for showcasing their unique artworks.

The weavers who produce these very special fair trade baskets are strong community women, mother-daughter or sisters arguably the most creative partner artisans in their line of work. These precious traditional baskets are hand-woven from generation to generation within households with the unique techniques passed along continuously from mother to daughter – protecting and preserving an art form that is a strong component of the Rwandan society.

For many years Agaseke or Rwandan traditional baskets are a very essential part of everyday Rwandan life, culturally hand-woven for different purposes from storage use, household use-gifts for special occasions like harvesting purposes. In the past generation the skills and techniques involved were only passed from mother to daughter as a symbol of growth into a woman.


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