Policy & Strategy

Our foremost immediately work will see the group trying to implement a holistic approach towards poverty reduction and sustainable livelihoods and exploring the we have two basic objectives could have two basic objectives

(a) Reduce general mass poverty on a lasting basis (sustainable solutions) and help to bring about improvements in quality of life; and
(b) Build blocks towards facilitating sustainable livelihoods, help to diversify sources of live hoods and enhance capacity of poor groups towards sustainable exports through Fair Trade. Promote Fair Trade – Actual/Potential Items for Fair Trade – Social infrastructure- this will include group work shed/ workspace or station/group storage space and market place
• Improving supply chain of raw materials
• Improving value chain
• Product listing, cataloging, product patenting, product diversification, product inventory management
• Market intelligence on pricing, market support, social capital, provide micro finance, run crèche, build capacity of groups to understand markets and demand patterns or color of baskets, help to fill gaps in linking groups to markets, provide feedback to groups, help groups to negotiate fair terms and conditions of trade, monitor progress of groups, provide training in designing products, provide labeling, packaging skills and help in pricing and branding of items.