Our Principle Objective

We envision spearheading community development in our society, especially through engaging and building up their capacity by sharing among others ideas on business development, marketing of their products, Risk management, and Basic book-keeping. As a cooperative, we meet twice a week to weave and sometimes to discuss issues like family,  Health, and entrepreneurship.

We are looking to advance training workshops for our weaving mothers in skill-based livelihoods work then that can help them to upgrade their skills and produce quality items. Better Access to Micro Credit – we are currently in plans to kick-start our member project buy-in where we provide production materials and upfront buy-in for the baskets made by our members who in return use the advance payouts to pay school fees and other necessary bills upfront using our relationship as collateral establishing network Linkages at Irebe we work to create an inducive atmosphere for members to prosper and this includes supporting them to market their products, which include appropriate market intelligence, support in terms of product design and establishment of market linkages Irebe women training activities in soap and sanitary pad making plus programs for visitors to teach women skills in foreign culture handmade skills.