Irebe Baskets Collection Rwanda is an impact-driven Non-Government Organization fully regulated by Rwandan law. We are focused on developing evidence-based solutions to current and emerging community challenges that hinder social and economic development among our community people. We initiated the collective as a platform for us artisans to come to work together and through the baskets we create as members we are able to earn a source of income that support mothers and their dependant families also we can now start to work together to enable us to share in the benefits of working collectively as an organization.

By establishing sustainable supply chains for the women artisans we are ensuring that the members can find ground to venture into other social skill activities through micro-savings groups- or Workshops will be organized to train the women in other social income-generating activities like tailoring or bakery. By lobbying for artisan funding support and creation of markets globally for the products made by our members we shall seek to implement fair trade policies that guarantee that artisans benefit directly from the profits and sales of the handmade baskets. The Irebe Baskets collection will benchmark on the mission to develop the potential of our local basketry while ensuring sustainable markets.

Irebe Baskets Rwanda as a cooperative empowers young people with sustainable handcraft-inspired life skills in a non-formal training mode. The locals are trained in art and crafts, public health & basic sales or communications techniques to meet the demands of the markets today As we grow we also intend to scale up the training to cover many more people if an opportunity is available. We look forward to working with like-minded partners, to enable us to expand the scope of our training. Away from the non-formal training in handcraft, we envision a future setting up a training center for carrying out and facilitating us reach as many youth and single parents as possible and share with them life-changing skills.