Community Work

Our cooperative week meetings offer us an opportunity to sit together and discuss issues affecting our group members beyond the basketry production, we use these as a way of identifying family challenges that can include Gender-based Violence (GBV) and looking for solutions to over the problems we encounter as individuals who work together for a common goal.

We value our mothers who make up a wide section of our community artisans and their personal welfare is our number one priority, with our family planning program we encourage women to stand up for their social and maternal human rights by being pioneers of decisions that affect them individually and as a society together by providing knowledge and services for better family planning for social and economic growth.

This social programme involves mobilising our collective members on hygiene and sanitation, health insurance, diet balancing through the development of family gardens, HIV and tuberculosis volunteer test, and treatment. The lack of enough food causes malnutrition within their children and some adults Lack of family incomes cause them to not attend health services such as mobilisation, health centres for vaccination, pre-natal consultation, or any health treatment for eventual diseases –our work focus is primarily to prevent diseases while promoting health which will eventually prolong the life of our members.

Irebe Baskets Rwanda is working to establish an adult literacy club in our areas of operations, which means giving our members the ability to read and to have basic writing skills, we believe that a high rate of illiteracy is a threat to conservation.