The Irebe basket collective brings community artisans together especially women weavers from our community and the baskets they make are inspired by nature, such as the sun, the birds and the environment, this coming weekend Irebe Baskets located in Kacyiru is hosting a unique session- meet the local artisan weekend experience which will give people in Kigali an opportunity to come to meet handmade artisans as well as offer a platform to engage with them while understanding the stories behind their craft ship, the 2-day event gives visitors a the practical way to first-hand witness the impact of the local creative industry on the lives of our community people.

The weekend at Irebe Baskets centre will be a great way to come buy your holiday gifts while enjoying a variety of cultural activities, drinks, and treats. The cultural weekend will be a showcase for new product categories that will introduce new product designs and styles as a celebration of Rwanda’s rich cultural handmade products and also an avenue of portraying the success stories of community artisans as we work towards creating sustainable artisan villages .

The 2-day event is built around activities open to the public showcasing local handmade crafts and products while providing our visitors with alternative activities to indulge such as local food experience, leather products, art paintings, and the presentation of hand-woven crafts made by the local women from the community.

This Irebe meet the artisan weekend is a social and cultural gathering that aims to deepen visitor’s knowledge and experience while supporting the community’s everyday life and promoting fair trade. During the weekend at Irebe you will get a first-hand experience of Rwandans and culture, and at the same time, witness benefits of the women of Irebe to local artisans – while shopping for your holiday products at a fair price Happening on Saturday and Sunday starting in the morning and closing the evening with a bonfire and cultural storytelling session, this is an opportunity to shop baskets, home décor or Christmas gifts locally in an open-air compound market as you celebrate handmade products in Rwanda.