Our Philosophy

Much as creative arts has already taken a firm foundation else were in the world including East Africa, Rwanda has not had the opportunity to put their future generation to exposure of this unifying and economically supporting individual artisans. This has kept the young generation not only with limited options but has denied the entire nation a world platform for showcasing talent, promoting tourism, and tapping into the health benefits of the game by the participants. We believe there have been some efforts by different individuals to introduce the game in the country though not documented for reference purposes but such efforts never yielded fruits possibly due to lack of a clear work plan that could spell out exactly the goals and the impact pathway. We, therefore, view Irebe Baskets as a roadmap to achieve not only the goals embedded hereunder but also those positive impacts that will go beyond our foreseen and fore mentioned intervention.

Local organizations are key for the economic development in countries through the promotion of trade, investment, and social development and also are recognized partners essential to social and community economic development. We look forward to collaborating with you as we build sustainable weaving communities.